[libcxx]chrono:397:19: error: binding of reference to type 'long long' to a value of type 'const long long'

I download libcxx code from
http://llvm.org/svn/llvm-project/libcxx/tags/RELAESE_30/final, then goto
${libcxx-path}/lib directory and executed ./buildit.

It default used clang++ to compile, but there were some errors:

I recommend just getting tip-of-trunk:


It is in good shape and has lots of bug fixes since that tag was made (last November). That being said, I don't recognize the error you're seeing.

If the errors continue, let us know what platform you're compiling on.


I compiled libcxx on Linux( RHEL6, X86_64).

And another question:
  Under the libcxx/tags directory, which is the newest release version of
libcxx, libcpp-31 or RELEASE_30/final?

Thanks Howard !

libcxx does not have a formal release mechanism. These are tags Apple has used for internal tagging. That being said, using the svn list -v command it appears that libcpp-31 is dated 2011-07-24 and RELEASE_30/final is dated 2011-11-28.

Churn on libcxx is very low for now, and I make a personal attempt to ensure that tip-of-trunk is always in a "shippable" state. If other platforms have the need to tag at certain times, I have no objection to that.

I am not familiar with the Linux port of libc++. However I'm aware that people have been working on it. Jeffrey Yasskin and Richard Smith are two likely suspects on this list which might have more information for you. :slight_smile:

The latest commit I see related to Linux is by Richard Smith: