libcxx git svn incantations

I have the same git-svn config and am able to git svn fetch successfully, so it might be something specific to your setup.

A potential alternative would be using the monorepo (, although you probably want to use the “official” monorepo at instead (it should be moved over to the LLVM organization on GitHub in a few days, at which point it’ll officially be official, but I think the actual repository itself will remain unchanged at this point). The long-term plan is to move all LLVM development to the monorepo, so it might be best to just transition over your workflow right now? It’ll still go through svn for committing, but TortoiseSVN has worked well for me on Windows in the past.

I’ve determined that this is a regression between git and I can revert to 2.20.0 and report this upstream.

It’ll still go through svn for committing

Hmm, I hope this llvm/utils/git-svn/git-llvm script works on Windows.

I’ll wait for the officially official release before attempting to try the monorepo workflow.



I believe a bunch of the Chromium LLVM developers use the monorepo, so I would expect the script to work on Windows. Adding Zach to confirm.

I’ve been using monorepo on Windows for close to 2 years and git-llvm script works quite well. (Very) rarely there are issues with mixed line endings, but it tends to happen on files that are intentionally CRLF. In any case, I think you can definitely consider monorepo on Windows as “supported” today