Libcxx testing with top-of-tree clang?

Do any of the bots test libcxx with top-of-tree clang? More than once I’ve suspected the answer is “no”. Most recently, the test suite has been broken for a few days now. I’ve worked around the problem by adding -Wno-deprecated-copy to the test suite config but somebody needs to decide if that’s the best long term solution.


My understanding is that (several of) the libcxx test bots get updated to the latest clang on a regular basis, but not on every run.
So they may lag behind ToT by a week or so at times.

– Marshall

P.S. When I test a change, I test against a recent clang - built that morning, or maybe the day before. Almost never ToT, but always close.


Separably, why is important for the test suite to fail when new warnings are introduced? Is there a way to relax the test suite?

I believe that it is the responsibility of the people implementing the new warnings to ensure that all of LLVM (and that includes clang, libc++, etc) builds cleanly with the new warning(s) enabled - and that this should happen before the warning is enabled.

This is what I have done when I have made changes to clang.

– Marshall

I think my question was misunderstood, so please let me rephrase: why is important that the test suite pass with all warnings (both present and future) turned into errors?

At the very least, can we please add a CMake option to disable unqualified -Werror? (i.e. -Werror without the equal sign.)