libcxx - uniform_int


I am trying to compile some code using clang++ (version clang-703.0.31) installed from xcode (version 7.3.1). I have included the -std=c++11 and -stdlib=libc++ flags, yet I always get the following:
error: no member named ‘uniform_int’ in namespace ‘std’

Other methods from seem to be working, such as uniform_int_distribution. Is uniform_int deprecated?


Matthew Balazsi

PS: to reproduce the issue, I compiled the following

clang++ -std=c++11 -stdlib=libc++ main.cpp; ./a.out

If I’m not mistaken std::uniform_int was never a part of the standard. I have found no mention of it in the C++11 standard or the current standard draft.
Instead it looks like it was a TR1 name for uniform_int_distribution, which libc++ has never offered.