libFuzzer on s390x architecture (compiler-rt)

Hello experts,

I am trying to get libFuzzer work on s390x architecture on Ubuntu 16.04. In doing so I built clang/compiler-rt master branch as per

By making following changes I was able to generate libclang_rt.fuzzer-s390x.a and libclang_rt.fuzzer_no_main-s390x.a

/home/llvm/llvm/projects/compiler-rt# git diff

diff --git a/cmake/config-ix.cmake b/cmake/config-ix.cmake
index 7e9ad63…61b3eff 100644
— a/cmake/config-ix.cmake
+++ b/cmake/config-ix.cmake
@@ -227,7 +227,7 @@ set(ALL_SANITIZER_COMMON_SUPPORTED_ARCH ${X86} ${X86_64} ${PPC64}
set(ALL_ASAN_SUPPORTED_ARCH ${X86} ${X86_64} ${ARM32} ${ARM64}
${MIPS32} ${MIPS64} ${PPC64} ${S390X})
set(ALL_DFSAN_SUPPORTED_ARCH ${X86_64} ${MIPS64} ${ARM64})
+set(ALL_FUZZER_SUPPORTED_ARCH ${X86_64} ${ARM64} ${S390X})


However, lot of test cases are failing due to following error:


FAIL: libFuzzer :: bad-strcmp.test (4 of 103)
******************** TEST ‘libFuzzer :: bad-strcmp.test’ FAILED ********************