libFuzzer: Rationale for a line in FuzzerMutate.cpp

While working on potential improvements to libFuzzer’s mutations based on the table of recent compares, I came across this line in FuzzerMutate.cpp (

PersistentAutoDictionary.push_back({DE->GetW(), 1});

It adds an entry to the persistent auto dictionary with a position hint for position 1, meaning that the mutator would (50% of the time) try to insert or overwrite some bytes with the entry specifically after the first byte of the input.

I’m somewhat puzzled about this particular choice. I would have expected the position hint value to be either std::numeric_limits<size_t>::max(), which would make the mutator always pick an insertion position at random, or an existing position hint. Is there something I’m missing here that would explain the preferred position 1?