libomptarget code owner.


Currently libomptarget has no code owner. Although it is part openmp project the expertise required for libomptarget is different from openmp.

Georgios Rokos from IBM has agreed to be the owner of libomptarget source, so I would like to nominate Georgios Rokos who is a major contributor to libomptarget.



Haven’t seen any discussions here. Does that mean that everybody agree on appointing George Rokos to be the code owner for the projects/openmp/libomptarget source tree?

If so, can we have kind of formal approval so that the code_owners.txt file is updated and questions on libomptarget go to the right person then.

BTW, the nominee was discussed at the libomptarget developers meeting, and people do agree he is the best candidate.



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(+ different address for Chris, he might not have access to his Apple address anymore)

I agree, I didn't see anybody protesting and George seems to be the natural choice given that IBM is largely involved in the development.


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