libstdc++ Windows port

Thanks, that looks like a great idea as a starter. <chrono> is close to 
building but not quite there. support/win32 is fine, I'll follow the 
existing code wherever possible.
I have 3 days off next week with internet but no car so I hope to be 
able to get into it properly then.
I notice the current support/win32 code pulls in for example 
<xlocinfo.h> I'd like to confirm where this is coming from as it doesn't 
seem to be supplied by MinGW and the Microsoft Platform SDK version is 
clearly licensed 'All Rights Reserved' which would I presume prevent it 
from being used under the llvm BSD style license. I've no interest in 
starting a legal argument here I'm just wanting to confirm #include 
paths for an external dependency.

Matthew F.


I’m the original author of the win32 code. My MinGW-w64 toolchain has xlocinfo.h, it is a standard Win32 header. I’d advise using this over standard MinGW due to better alignment with the Windows SDK headers IMHO.
#include’ing a C runtime header does not affect licensing of the code that uses it whatsoever.

If you have any questions regarding how I built libc++ on Windows, feel free to contact me off-list.

Note that VS2010 and the VS11 Developer Preview had problems with libc++ type_traits code, so you’re better off using MinGW-w64 GCC or Clang itself.

To run the tests you’ll need MinGW(-w64), as Clang+MSVC headers and libs cannot produce executables yet.