LibTool executable not generated from makefile

Below is my makefile in my example directory which is located in:


which contains the Example.cpp file I want to compile

when I execute the cmd “make” the build is successful. However, the executable TOOLNAME example is NOT created/generated. Am I doing something wrong?


TOOLNAME = example #the name of tool’s executable

SOURCES := Example.cpp #the Clang source files you want to compile

include $(CLANG_LEVEL)/…/…/Makefile.config

LINK_COMPONENTS := $(TARGETS_TO_BUILD) asmparser bitreader support mc option

USEDLIBS = clangFrontend.a clangSerialization.a clangDriver.a \

clangTooling.a clangParse.a clangSema.a
clangAnalysis.a clangRewriteFrontend.a clangRewriteCore.a
clangEdit.a clangAST.a clangLex.a clangBasic.a
include $(CLANG_LEVEL)/Makefile