libxml2 Test Case?

One of the things I use heavily in conjunction with LLVM is libxml2. This provides the XML parsing (amongst other things) that I need for my XPL source language. Since XPL supports XML parsing at runtime, I would like to be able to compile libxml2 to bytecode and have it undergo optimization as well.

libxml2 is “C” code, well written and reasonably large. I’m wondering if it would be useful for LLVM to include it as a gcc front end test case? I could do the leg work to provide the configure options to specify the location of the libxml2 source code and the necessary Makefiles to do the compilation and testing.

Let me know if you think this is good idea, otherwise I’ll just manage it locally.

FYI, you can find out about libxml2 here:


Yeah, this sounds like a great idea. We welcome any contributions to the
test/Programs hierarchy (which will probably eventually be split out into
a seperate tarball/cvs tree). If you could adapt it to the test/Programs
makefiles, we would certainly welcome the contribution. :slight_smile:


Okay, it’ll probably take a little time (couple weeks) to do it in the background but I’ll submit the patches when I’m done.