Linalg matmul -> ArmSME update

I’d just like to share a small status update on ArmSME support in MLIR. This morning I landed the first end-to-end example lowering a Linalg matmul to ArmSME in #71644.

This is a big milestone for us and the culmination of many months of work. I’d just like to say thanks to my colleagues from Arm Andrzej Warzynski (@banach-space), Ben Maxwell (@MacDue) and Paul Walker (@paulwalker-arm), as well Diego Caballero (@dcaballe, Google) for their contributions and support.

Please be mindful that this is first proof-of-concept/e2e example and is quite basic, many features are still work-in-progress. Also, your feedback is much appreciated.

For a recent and more detailed status update on SME support in MLIR, please see SME in MLIR status (20/10/2023) that Ben posted last month.


It’s truly amazing to see this working - great work Cullen, lots of tricky challenges along the way!

I will just add that there’s AArch64 sync-up call next week if you’d like to discuss more:

CC @bryanpkc @frank_gao @chrisj-quic @sjoerdmeijer @MattPD


Really excited about this! Fantastic execution and collaborative spirit here! I look forward to what is coming next!