Lines of code

Does anyone know if the Lines-of-code metric on the Nightly Test page is accurate? And does it include Makefiles and test suite source or only LLVM source? Thanks,


You can see exactly what it contains by reviewing the "utils/llvmdo"
script. The script is invoked by "utils/" with the -code-only
option to eliminate a few things that shouldn't be considered code. The
details are too long to list here but its simple enough to understand in
the llvmdo script.

To answer your specific questions, it includes makefiles and the
deja-gnu tests, but not llvm-test. All generated files (yacc, lex,
etc.), documentation, autoconf stuff, xcode, win32, runtime code and
projects are not included.

And, yes, its more accurate now than its been for a while. If you have
any suggestions on how it could be improved, please let me know.


Ok, that makes sense to me. I took a look at what is included and the only component that I'm not sure should be there is the '*.ll' files in test/. They add over 55K lines to the tally. They were not really developed by LLVM people so it's not clear if they should be counted (the same goes for *.c in test/ and *.c and *.cpp in examples/, but those are very small, less than 3K in all).

In any case, thanks for the info. My question is answered.