Linker problem


In short… I’m trying to add support for a custom powerpc elf system

I’m running code on a x86 Debian system. So its cross compiling.

clang -v (shows)

clang version 11.1.0 ( 1fdec59bffc11ae37eb51a1b9869f0696bfd5312)
Target: ppc-pc-amigaos4
Thread model: posix
InstalledDir: /home/vm/llvm-project/bin/.

clang tst.c -S (do produce a powerpc asm source)

clang tst.c ( do not work, linking problem )

clang -v ( see attach )

Any suggestions on where I fucked up?

René W. Olsen

txt (3.93 KB)

if course I found the error a few hours after I send the email…

What was the issue?

pt., 23.04.2021, 02:49 użytkownik René W. Olsen via llvm-dev <> napisał:

in llvm/lib/Support/Triple.cpp

I had not added " .StartsWith( “amigaos4”, Tiple::AmigaOS4 ) " too the OSType