Linking Github issues and Phabricator reviews

What’s the recommended way of linking Github issues and reviews in Phabrictator of patches that are supposed to fix them? Thanks.

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Adding Fixes #123456 will automatically close this issue. This is preferred, because it generates a link between the issue and the commit that can be queried.

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Thanks. Where does this go? Into the summary? On a line of its own?

I think for readability it’s best to put it on its own line, but I think technically it can be any where.

I tried it here: ⚙ D119007 [sanitizer] Use _thread_db_sizeof_pthread to obtain struct pthread size

The format matches [clang] Don't typo-fix an expression in a SFINAE context. · llvm/llvm-project@c0185ff · GitHub, but it doesn’t get linked.

It doesn’t get linkified on Phabricator – but does on Github.

This is somewhat unfortunate, I wonder if phab can be configured to linkify any #NNNN to point to github…

You can use Fixes instead. That will get rendered as just Fixes #52989 on GitHub (and auto-close the issue) and appear as a normal link on Phabricator.

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I’m assuming when you say “Adding”, you mean to the commit message, since the Phabricator description does not have to match the commit message?

I’m not a committer and I do not use the arc tool. I wasn’t aware that the two wouldn’t match. That certainly explains the issues I encountered (using commit messages as the template for what put into the Phabriactor summary).

You revision is approved, but not committed. When someone will land it they should use the same commit message as what was used on Phabricator. Using arc patch would do it by default. Only when the commit gets pushed to GitHub that the issue would be updated with a link to the commit.

We could patch Phabricator, if anyone is willing to write the patch :slight_smile:
(I doubt there is this feature builtin)