Linking Kaleidoscope-8 wants all targets

I am compiling and linking Kaleidoscope sample from 2 to 7 with Code::Blocks, where I have add to compiler settings: llvm-config --cxxflags and to linker settings: llvm-config --ldflags --system-libs --libs core orcjit native

In 2 to 7 is OK, but sample 8 has errors:

=== Build: Debug in Chapter8 (compiler: LLVM Clang Compiler) ===|
obj/Debug/toy.o||In function llvm::InitializeAllTargetInfos()':| /usr/local/include/llvm/Config/Targets.def|26|undefined reference to LLVMInitializeAArch64TargetInfo’|
/usr/local/include/llvm/Config/Targets.def|27|undefined reference to LLVMInitializeAMDGPUTargetInfo'| /usr/local/include/llvm/Config/Targets.def|28|undefined reference to LLVMInitializeARMTargetInfo’|
/usr/local/include/llvm/Config/Targets.def|29|undefined reference to

Hey Eric - looks like maybe you & I (when adding this chapter for the debug info tutorial) just made a mistake here initializing all targets rather than only the native target (not like this is doing remote JIT or anything - so I think only the native target should be required)?

  • Dave

Yeah, likely. :slight_smile:

Hmm, actually, looks intentional from reading Chapter 8 ( ) - which says that it’s doing it, and explains that the compilation command needs to be different, showing how to use llvm-config for this example.

One reason might be, though it’s not demonstrated, that the default target triple for the LLVM build being used may not be the native target - or it may be overridden at runtime by LLVM_TARGET_TRIPLE_ENV to be not the native target.

Andy - please check the tutorial for instructions on how to build Chapter 8 (& 9 is probably the same, but the chapter should tell you how to build it if it’s any different again).

  • Dave