Linking static external library into an LLVM pass library?

This document says the USEDLIBS should be used to statically link libraries:

This variable holds a space separated list of libraries that should be linked into the program. These libraries must be libraries that come from your **lib** directory. The libraries must be specified without their "lib" prefix. For example, to link libsample.a, you would set USEDLIBS to `sample.a`.

Note that this works only for statically linked libraries.

But, what is that “lib” directory? How can I specify external libxyz.a file that doesn’t live in this libs directory?

Anybody has done this?


A related question and I cannot find answers by Googling:

How should you write the main function to compile an executable LLVM pass?

  • Welson

You could try to use the LIBS variable, that one gets passed directly to the linker and takes arguments in the standard linking convention. It's a few items down on the page you linked.

- Roel