Linux bugs marked XFAIL

Hey guys,

I’m in the process of flipping some always-failing tests to XFAIL. I seem to recall a few of these were passing on my older Ubuntu 12.04 setup where these tests were being built and run with gcc 4.8.2 vs. the Ubuntu clang 3.5 compiler I’m using now. If anybody hits the tests passing when I’ve got them marked fail (they’ll show up as “u” - unexpected success), let me know and I’ll dig in and see if it’s a compiler-specific failure. (Some tests might pass on clang and fail with gcc, or vice versa, depending on what they’re testing).

The tests I’m marking as XFAIL on Linux (via @expectedFailureLinux(“”)) are consistently failing for me. Otherwise, if they’re intermittent, I’m disabling them.


It seems the vast majority of the intermittent tests are now out of the Linux ‘ninja check-lldb’ / ‘cd test && make’ paths now.

I’m going to do a gcc-based build in a moment here. If I find that I flipped anything to XFAIL on Linux that is only failing on Linux with clang, I’ll properly conditionalize it to clang.