Linux build failure.

I’m getting a build failure (and otherwise quite nasty build) on Linux (ubuntu).

The error that is stopping the build is:

ClangExpressionParser.cpp:564:54: error: allocating an object of abstract class
type ‘RecordingMemoryManager’
RecordingMemoryManager *jit_memory_manager = new RecordingMemoryManager();

I’m also getting a boatload of warnings from Clang.
At a glance, it seems like most of them are

  • Clang complaining about %llx format specifiers, suggesting %lx for addr_t, uint64_t, break_id_t, tid_t, user_id_t, and possibly others
  • Clang complaining about default cases when all cases are covered.
  • conflict between /usr/include/python2.7/pyconfig.h #defining _XOPEN_SOURCE 600 while /usr/include/features.h #defining _XOPEN_SOURCE 700

There is a new function added to an abstract virtual class:


This needs to be added to the RecordingMemoryManager class.


The attached patch seems to fix things for me.


RecordingMemoryManager.diff (1.04 KB)