linux: LLDB python API inconsistent with lldb tool

Hi all,

I have kind of a strange problem. First of all, here is the short version.

My crash analysis tool
francis/exploitaben at master · bnagy/francis · GitHub works fine on
OSX, but on linux it fails to correctly handle some ( but not all )
faulting programs. The lldb tool in the same environment and on the
same inputs works as expected. Ubuntu 15.04, lldb 3.6.

Here's the longer version.

I am analysing crashes (from afl-fuzz, which _may_ be involved). The
basic harness in is a light modification of one of the
LLDB API example tools It has worked correctly for
many crashes on OSX, so I feel like the basic approach is sound. Here
are some observations.

I built the basic tests from GitHub - jfoote/exploitable: The 'exploitable' GDB plugin.
When I run, for example -- ~/src/exploitable/exploitable/tests/bin/testAbortSignal.test

I get correct output.

When I run a fault, like -- pdftoppm -r 16

I get