List possible -march=… -W… etc. etc. -x ...


Does Clang include any means to list possible arguments to:
• -mcpu=… -march=… specifying possible CPU / architecture
• -W… enabling some diagnostics
• -x … specyfing language

I know it is possible to dig out these from .td files, however it isn't really comfortable way to do it. Especially when I need to recall if it was -march=core-avx2 or -march=corei7-avx2

Also I cannot find any way to get an info what languages Clang build supports (-x …).

GCC has --help=target,warnings etc.



Anyone can tell me how we can list with 'clang' supported architectures (aka march arguments) or supported diagnostics. I know we can do it via 'llc' but then we need to have LLVM tools installed as well.