[lld] Any chance to get review for a couple of patches in a couple of years?

Hi Rui, Rafael,

You are reviewers of two MIPS related patches for LLD linker:

- Handle cross-mode (regular <-> microMIPS) jumps

- Multi-GOT implementation

Both patches implement essential part of MIPS architecture. microMIPS
is something like ARM Thumb. Multi-GOT support required to link any
rather complex application for MIPS targets. For example, without
multi-GOT it is not possible to link Clang for MIPS. This
functionality is not experimental, rarely used, or obsoleted features.

Unfortunately both these patches could not be reviewed for a very long
time. The last comment for the microMIPS was received in February. As
to the Multi-GOT patch - it was submitted more than one year ago and
have not got any technical comments from you since that time. By
"technical comments" I mean some notes, suggestions, objections on
design and / or implementation details of the patch.

I would like to know do you plan and, if yes, when do you plan to
review the patches? At least any rough estimation. I think, guys who
work on MIPS FreeBSD port would like to get that estimation too.

Simon Atanasyan


Yes I’ll do that. The situation has changed a lot since then and lld got support for other architectures, in particular aarch64. But if I remember correctly, there was a discussion whether we should bring this ABI oddness to the ABI standard body (if exists) or not. I wonder if there was some progress on that.

As far as I know there is no plan about new ABI. Anyway I do not think that
any new MIPS ABIs changes approaches to GOT handling. So things like multi-GOT
remain MIPS-specific feature because it provides benefits to MIPS architectures.