LLD counterpart to '--plugin-opt=disbale-output' option of LLVMgold.so ?

Hi all.

I noticed this is an option ‘–plugin-opt=disbale-output’ in gold-plugin.cpp, when this option is enabled, the field PreOptModuleHook of lto::Config will be set to [](size_t Task, const Module &M) { return false; }; .
And as the description of PreOptModuleHook says, the link process will exit right after linking (regular LTO) or loading (ThinLTO) the module, before modifying it.
This is very useful when we only want to get optimization remarks of LTO and do not want to do the whole link process.

Is there a LLD counterpart option to ‘–plugin-opt=disbale-output’ option of LLVMgold.so or any similar option ?

Xu Mingjie @ ByteDance

There is no LLD counterpart.

rL222687 added --plugin-opt=disable-output with a note that it my be
used for benchmark, but seems that nobody has needed the feature.