[lld] Current status of tests for Visual Studio 2013?


I tried running the "check-lld" target from within Visual Studio 2013
in Win7 and got a bunch of test failures. Does anyone else run this
configuration and know if this is expected?

I couldn't find any buildbot with this configuration and I just want
to make sure that this should work before spending too much time
investigating what could be wrong with my environment.

Failing Tests (30):
  lld :: Driver/libsearch-inputGraph.test
  lld :: elf/dynamic.test
  lld :: elf/options/dynamic-linker.test
  lld :: pecoff/alignment.test
  lld :: pecoff/base-reloc.test
  lld :: pecoff/baseaddr.test
  lld :: pecoff/bss-section.test
  lld :: pecoff/comdat.test
  lld :: pecoff/common-symbol.test
  lld :: pecoff/dynamicbase.test
  lld :: pecoff/entry.test
  lld :: pecoff/export-warning.test
  lld :: pecoff/export.test
  lld :: pecoff/exportlib2.test
  lld :: pecoff/hello.test
  lld :: pecoff/help.test
  lld :: pecoff/long-section-name.test
  lld :: pecoff/machinetype.test
  lld :: pecoff/manifest.test
  lld :: pecoff/merge-largest.test
  lld :: pecoff/merge-same-size.test
  lld :: pecoff/noentry.test
  lld :: pecoff/nonstandard-sections.test
  lld :: pecoff/reloc.test
  lld :: pecoff/safeseh.test
  lld :: pecoff/section-attribute.test
  lld :: pecoff/section-renaming.test
  lld :: pecoff/seh.test
  lld :: pecoff/seh64.test
  lld :: pecoff/weak-external.test