LLD developers: is anyone using the standalone CMake build for LLD?

I suspect the answer is “no” as it dies with a hard error for me.

I don’t want to fix this if it isn’t being used; I would rather delete it and avoid the complexity it brings. Thoughts?

This came up because I have changes to LLD’s CMake build to support LLVM_LIBDIR_SUFFIX more effectively, but I can’t test them in a standalone build.


I am not. I just put lld in llvm/tools

I do exactly the same thing and do not use the standalone CMake build for LLD.

I build lld in llvm/tools.


Hi Chandler,

I prefer the standalone builds for each LLVM project. I haven't been
including LLD in my builds, but I'll start doing that. I'd be happy
to maintain that configuration.


Is anyone using the autotools build for LLD?