[lld][ELF] obj2yaml vs normalized input files (similar to macho)


After looking at the Normalized Readers in mach-o, I feel it would be nice if the Gnu flavor to adopt this design what mach-o did in addition to using obj2yaml.

Its so much easier to test in the context of lld with normalized readers, IMO.

Opinions ?


Shankar Easwaran

There's a non-trivial private memory overhead with this approach. I
also don't see how it would make testing lld any easier. I would
rather we embed yaml2obj/obj2yaml into lld.

- Michael Spencer

You could just embed yaml in tests similar to what mach-o does and create in memory objects, this would make it much simpler right ?

yaml2obj/obj2yaml would need to be made as a library then if I understand you correctly, no ?

Shankar Easwaran