[lld] Removal of ELF PowerPC port

Hi all,

The PowerPC ELF backend of LLD is not in a particularly good state. It
supports one relocation, has one test, and it does not seem to have
received any commits other than tree-wide refactors since it was
initially committed. It is also structured slightly differently to the
other backends which means that refactoring patches that touch all the
backends are made more difficult.

Is anyone interested in maintaining this backend or would it be better
to remove it?


Hi Will,

I've done some minimal work privately (no tests, so can't push it), on
the PowerPC ELF backend. If it makes it easier to refactor, I don't
mind blowing it away, and starting it over. We could probably rebase
it from the MIPS backend in the future, which looks fairly complete.

So, my vote is whatever makes it easier in the long run, since it can
be resurrected pretty easily (not much work done anyway).

- Justin

I've CCed Sidney, who is the original committer of the PPC support.

I'm fine with removing it for now if nobody steps up as it's making
refactors difficult.

- Michael Spencer

I support removing PowerPC port if no one is going to maintain that.

I'm OK with the removal of the PPC support. It was a big-endian target and I thought it would be handy to have one at the time.


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