lldb-3.8.1 prebuilt binary for windows7

Is there any prebuilt lldb binary for windows7?
I tried snapshot llvm binary 3.8, but it does not include lldb. Note that latest prebuilt(4.0) contains lldb.

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Does the 4.0 binary not work for you? It is the first release that contains prebuilt lldb binary. Probably you are one of the first people to test it, so if you encounter problems, let me know what they are.

The version of windows shouldn’t matter as long as you are Win7 or higher. No vista.

Actually, I am trying to remote-debug from lldb(win host) to lldb-server(arm/x64 linux). In my case, The problem is that no lldb-sever-4.0 is available(I only have lldb-server 3.8 for arm/x64 linux).
Q) lldb 4.0 and lldb-server 3.8 are compatible each other?

The gdb-remote protocol is generally backward-compatible, but this
isn't a configuration that we are explicitly testing. I think there is
a good chance that it will work, but if it doesn't you're on your own.


Thank you for kind help.
It seems to work nicely(from lldb4.0(win) to lldbserver3.8) for me.

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