LLDB back in sync with top-of-tree LLVM/Clang

As of revision 164563 (but, as I say below, please check out 164573), LLDB is back in sync with top-of-tree Clang.

This commit has several important implications:

1. LLDB is no longer tied to a specific Clang revision. LLDB top-of-tree is intended to build against Clang top-of-tree. That means we have to fix any build failures quickly, and I'll be keeping track of compatibility until we get a more permanent solution.
2. We no longer use local patches (scripts/{llvm,clang}.*.diff) of any sort. To ensure LLDB stability, we will make LLDB release branches that will be tied to Clang release branches.
3. We no longer use or commit llvm.zip. If you don't want to have to rebuild Clang, just don't update your local lldb/llvm tree.

Building LLDB on OS X works the same way it did before: open up lldb.xcworkspace and build the LLDB scheme.

For your convenience, I have added a new configuration to the .xcodeproj: DebugClang (available as of revision 164573). Here's the difference between Debug and DebugClang:

- Debug builds a Release+Asserts version of Clang, which is easy on the debug information size, but still appropriately yelps when LLDB abuses it.
- DebugClang builds a Debug+Asserts version of Clang, which contains a TON of debug information.

Unless you are working specifically on the Clang integration, you'll probably prefer Debug.



Are there currently any publically viewable LLDB build-bots that can show the build status / test status of LLDB?


George, as far as I know,



Could we get a MSVC build bot of the Windows branch too? If this is possible who should I contact?

Could we get a MSVC build bot of the Windows branch too? If this is possible
who should I contact?

I may maintain a builder in bb.pgr.jp, when the build (of lldb) would be ready.

Then, I assume lldb should be in sync against llvm (and clang) trunk.

We already have the Windows branch working with CMake and VS, but maybe it’s best to wait until it is merged with trunk to add the bot.