LLDB BoF at LLVM Dev Meeting

Hello everyone,

There is going to be a Birds-of-a-Feather session for LLDB at the upcoming LLVM Developers Meeting in San Jose. It is scheduled for November 8 at 4:30 with the room to be announced shortly.

The agenda lists me as the presenter/coordinator. I was planning to talk briefly about our experiences and plans here at Intel in working with LLDB on Linux, but I’m hoping that some other people will be willing to talk for 5-15 minutes about what they are doing and/or what they would like to see someone do with LLDB on any platform. I don’t think it needs to be anything particularly formal.

Please let me know if you’d be willing to participate.



Hi Andy,

I know that at least GregC, Sean, and Jim will be there. I'll also try to make it, but it's hard to predict what my day will look like.