LLDB buildbot


I set up a buildbot for LLDB:

This buildbot uses a modified version of "zorg" with the LLDB builder
scripts added. My branch of zorg is available here:

Since I cannot keep this machine running as a buildbot indefinitely,
I'm asking for help moving the buildbot to a loving home :), ideally
with access to a wider variety of buildslaves (Linux and Darwin should
be enough for now). I copied in the people who I know are responsible
for keeping the LLVM buildbots up and running.


I have now set up a Linux builder on the LLVM lab, which compiles
LLDB and runs the test suite:


It builds successfully, but one of the early tests triggers an
assertion failure. Is there a way to run each test in a separate
process, so that we can try all of the tests on Linux?


Hi Peter,

I'll provide some utility to be able to run each test (or maybe each test dir) in a separate process.

Hi Peter,

I just added a dosep.py. Only caveat is that the '-r' option will not work correctly once each test file is
invoked using a separate process. You're more than welcome to fix the dotest.py test driver to work
around the issue, since we may not be able to get to the issue in the near future.