LLDB buildbots verbosity

Hi lldb-dev,

I tried to contact in the past the LLDB mailing list to add my email to the subscribed list and I’m glad discourse is an alternative way for communication.

I can CC/forward the LLDB buildbot owners, in case they are not subscribed to this discourse subcategory and writing here in case there is any external buildbot.

Most of the current buildbots building LLDB doesn’t run the test suite with the verbose flag, which hides what tests are unsupported. I would appreciate seeing that being present on those bots because I’ve seen some tests that are unsupported on the bots that are currently failing on my local builder. One example is the Lua tests, AFAIK, they are not enabled on any buildbot cmake config, making them being marked as unsupported.

I thought about making a patch disabling those tests to trigger some discussion, but I would like to see thoughts here first.


I think that’s reasonable. I’ve created a patch to modify the LLDB builder to run check-lldb in verbose mode: ⚙ D116972 [lldb] Run the test suite in verbose mode

The incremental LLDB bot on GreenDragon runs the Lua tests.

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I didn’t know that this infrastructure was open source! Thanks for the patch. About the Lua tests: for example, from the last test log, with a CTRL+F I find every Lua test matching Unsupported instead of Pass. Cmake logs also shows Lua disabled due to not matching exactly Lua 5.3 requirement. See Shell Script Console [Jenkins] and Shell Script Console [Jenkins] .