LLDB buildbots

Starting a separate thread on this that’s easier to find :slight_smile:

I see these two buildbots for lldb:


The first one looks like a MacOSX buildbot that runs an Xcode lldb-tool build (basically what I do) and is failing in the llvm/clang build phase without a whole lot of detail as to why. It’s been not building for some time. I assume Apple owns this one?


This one appears to have some tests that fail that make it show purple. Not sure exactly what the configuration is here.

From recent activity, it seems like we could use a few more:

  • lldb ubuntu 14.04 x86_64 (clang-built)
  • lldb Windows (something - VS 2013? Windows 8.1 or 7?)
  • FreeBSD (10 only? 9? x86_64 only?)
    One thing I’d love to see is a way to force me to know that (at the very least) the build itself (i.e. compile/link/packaging) failed in way that I cannot escape. i.e. send nag mail to the mailing list.

However, I also don’t want to hear noise in the lldb-dev list (or an lldb-build list or something) every time a flaky test intermittently fails. So for me, I’d prefer to just be forced to know about build failures but I’d prefer to see test failures on a build grid UI and not be nagged on every false alarm. Without the build break email alarm, I’m not sure how we best would get people to know the build is broken somewhere. Thoughts?

I had intended to take ownership of pushing this one forward:

  • lldb ubuntu 14.04 x86_64 (clang-built)
    No promises on timing, but now that I got the initial llgs in, this is a fine time to start addressing this.

Okay apparently I don’t understand how to read the buildbots pages. I seem to never see the full set of buildbots. I now only see the freebsd ones for lldb (as opposed to only seeing the other ones before). I’ll revise my email after I figure out why I can’t use a UI :wink:


Hey Ed,

How come I don’t see the freebsd builders or build slaves on these pages?




Ah - I think I see. You have your link from earlier pointing to a different buildbot master:


It seems like it’s more practical if there’s a single master we can go to that lists all the lldb builders. Why not the llvm.org one?


"It was that way when I got here."

My understanding is that the FreeBSD build master was originally set
up during the early stages of getting the FreeBSD kernel and base
system building with Clang. Most FreeBSD developers were still using
GCC in day-to-day development, so it was important to make sure
everything continued to build with Clang. It built both top-of-tree
FreeBSD and top-of-tree Clang. (It's still valuable, of course, but
our system compiler is a recent Clang now and thus build-breaking
changes are normally found during development.)

I suppose LLDB was added to that master only because the
infrastructure already existed and it was easy to do so. It probably
makes sense to get a FreeBSD builder hooked up to lab.llvm.org as
well, so that the results are in the same place as all others.

Just to put a finer point on it, I think only the llvm.org build bot master
really merits "revert to green" responses. Other build bots can still be
very useful and informative, but it's a lower bar IMO.

Hey all,

Just a status update - I’ve started the process internally on getting an llvm.org buildbot running the Linux x86_64 Ubuntu 14.04 clang build. I’ll follow up when I get this allocated, setup and working.


(And by clang build, I specifically mean the lldb build using clang as the compiler and test runner, for now).