lldb documentation and etc


I just started to code on mac and started to used lldb.
I have a question on lldb.

Is there a way to print out the complete list of lldb command I can use?
The help command without argument seems to print out the sub-set of commands available.
For example, there is a “image” command which does not show from the output of
  >> lldb help
command. However, if I do:
  >> lldb help image
it prints out the explanation of the image command.

I read through ‘LLDB Tutorial” at the LLDB home page.
Are there more complete users documentation on LLDB ?



If you try

(lldb) help help

it will tell you which flag to use to get a dump of everything including aliases :slight_smile:
I can’t remember the flag right now and I don’t have a computer handy, but wanted to point you to where to find the answer!

Enrico Granata <egranata@🍎.com>

Thank you very much.

The command line given gives me what I wanted. Thanks!


Also be sure to use the "apropos" command. This command will search all commands and the help text for any matches. So if you want to learn about breakpoints you can do:

(lldb) apropos breakpoint
(lldb) apropos step

This will help you find commands by keyword. If you have used GDB before we have:


This will help you see what you used to use in GDB and how to do it in LLDB.

Greg Clayton