lldb equivalent for gdb's "monitor" command


I’m implementing a debugger backend, which talks to lldb using the (extended) gdb protocol. To provide further functionality we use the gdbserver “monitor” command to provide “custom” commands to the debugger.

I couldn’t find anything similar in lldb in the help or the web. Is there another way of getting the same functionality in lldb?




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On topic, you’d probably want to use Python to extend the command set. You can read about custom commands here:
Check out “Create a new LLDB command using a Python function.”

The “process plugin packet send” command looks like the right backend to use when sending data back and forth from your custom debugserver implementation.


The GDB plug-in installs two GDB remote specific commands under "process plugin":

The monitor command you need is actually implemented using the "qRcmd" packet:

(lldb) process plugin packet monitor foo=1
  packet: qRcmd,666f6f3d31
response: E69

And if you need to send any other raw command, you can:

(lldb) process plugin packet send qRcmd,666f6f3d31
  packet: qRcmd,666f6f3d31
response: E69

This just sent the monitor command manually. You can actually load a new python module that creates new python commands. See the http://lldb.llvm.org/python-reference.html page and check out the section named "CREATE A NEW LLDB COMMAND USING A PYTHON FUNCTION". There is also a template file you can use to create your new python command at http://llvm.org/svn/llvm-project/lldb/trunk/examples/python/cmdtemplate.py.

The theory goes, you can install a new python command and say name it "monitor". In your python command you would do whatever you would need to do and then call:

result = lldb.SBCommandReturnObject()
debugger.GetCommandInterpreter().HandleCommand("process plugin packet monitor foo=1", result)
print result.GetOutput() # The response from the command as a GDB remote packet with no leading '$' or the checksum "#XX"

Greg Clayton