LLDB Future Directions BoF

Hi all,

I’m interested in understanding the why of LLDB, for that i’d love to be able to read any meeting notes or slides of the BoF on the future of LLDB and if possible make it available at [1] .

I’d also would like any indication of reading materials on the internals of a debugger, preferabbly including something for begginers as the excelent chapther for LLVM on the The Architecture of Open Source Applications book [2].

And finally I’d ask why you chose to create LLDB when GDB was already there, the idea of reusing LLVM components (the c++ parser and AST ?) was proven benefical? Over the months of reading this list I’ve seen that there’s significant attrition on what LLVM and LLDB require of their components and there are several cases of copying entire files with diverging changes between each project, is there a simply reason on why or is it a matter of needing more time to conciliate these disparate needs ?

Thx for any and all responses.

[1] http://llvm.org/devmtg/2017-10/#bof7

[2] http://www.aosabook.org/en/llvm.html

I will work with the main contributors to LLDB in the near future and get something up on the http://lldb.llvm.org web site that addresses these issues. Once all main contributors have signed off we will make the web page live for the public to find. This is a long overdue page that needs to be created. It will allow us to modify the document as times goes on and also provide the insights as to why I decided to write LLDB in the first place, where we are going and who contributes to which parts, and what parts of LLDB need work. So stay tuned and I will reply to this message when the web page goes up, hopefully in the near future.

Greg Clayton