lldb-gtest scheme and target added to Xcode project

Hi all,

I’ve taken a stab at getting the gtests in lldb/unittests to compile and run on Xcode. I just checked this in. There’s a new scheme called lldb-gtest. If you run that in Xcode, it should build the DebugClang variant of lldb and link against the gtest libraries that come with clang. The output goes out to the console when run.

I don’t currently have this hooked into any kind of aggregate target yet. I want to make sure this works everywhere and doesn’t break anything before I make anything depend on it.

I used a public OS X (10.11) and public Xcode (7.1, released this past week) to do the changes. Please let me know if you use Xcode and if you find that this target breaks (perhaps with an older version of Xcode).

I put in a placeholder do-nothing gtest for our Editline code, partially as a canary to see if I break any of the build bots. I’ll be adding some code there as soon as I know that I plugged it in right on the cmake side.


Okay this broke the cmake Linux build. I’m fixing that now…

This should be fixed with:
$ svn commit

Transmitting file data .
Committed revision 251264.

Nice! Out of curiosity, do all the unittests pass? (I expect they do, as they do everywhere else, just wondering)

Yes, they do.