Hi all, some of us over here decided to hijack #lldb on oftc, which is where the primary #llvm IRC is located at. There had been some lurkers in there already who occasionally talked about lldb dev related stuff, but without any of the actual developers hanging out in there, it never saw much activity.

Seems like a good way to ask / answer questions that might be too simple to warrant an entire email.

Not sure how well this will take off, but if anyone is interested, feel free to join.

IRC is much better than email for trivial questions.

For some folks IRC works quite well (we have lots of people who use it happily in our Dept.) but personally I find it really disruptive. Guess I can't resist the temptation to look too often or something or something.

So if you have a discussion you think I should be a part of, you'll have to use the lldb-dev group...

Just saying so nobody thinks I'm ignoring their questions in particular.