LLDB Linux x86_64 local target testing summary

Hi all,

I just thought I’d send out an update on some work I’ve been doing to get a handle on how much of Linux x86_64 LLDB is/isn’t tested. I recently went through all the Linux x86_64 local-target tests, turning on previously disabled tests that ran, and marking XFAIL those tests that should work but are consistently failing to make this more useful.

A high-level summary of the test run results are as follows, running against lldb TOT r202887:

(Yikes - the mailing list archive does not show the tables as “tables” visually as I see them in GMail - if the rest of you are seeing those as gigantic clumps of text without tables, I can resend with tables attached as CSVs).

Attaching CSVs for tabular content.

Note the filenames indicate r202726, but the data remained the same up through the reported r202887.

XFAIL Tests - r202726_system_summary.csv (298 Bytes)

XFAIL Tests - r202726_xfail_2014-03-03.csv (4.14 KB)