lldb.macosx.heap for iOS?

Hi folks,

I’m playing with lldb.macosx.heap. It works well on Mac.
Though the document says it’s only for Mac OS X, I tried it when debugging an iOS app.
It managed to get loaded. but Xcode crashes when I was issuing a cstr_refs cmd.

I’m wondering what it takes to support iOS?
I saw someone on StackOverflow said it could work on iOS with Xcode 4.5-. Not sure if it’s the case. May have a try with a Xcode 4.5 tomorrow.



If it's anything like 32-bit OS X, it's a matter of MCJIT
(RuntimeDyldMachO::processRelocationRef) not supporting scattered
relocations generated by the platform's MachOObjectWriter. I've been
hacking at this when I find spare time for 32-bit x86, but spare time is
hard to come by.

-- Joe Ranieri