lldb-mi coding style

The coding style in lldb-mi doesn't match the rest of lldb. It's bad
enough that lldb doesn't match the rest of llvm/clang or follow llvm's
developer guidelines, but can we at least be consistant within a single
repository please?

To fix this:
- the original submitters can reformat it, or
- I can submit patches. I think there may be a maximum size for patches,
    so I may have to do this in several sets of patches.
Any preference?

We are anxious to get this done quickly because we are working on some
other fixes to the lldb-mi code and want to minimize the number of conflicts
we have to sort through, as well as keep "svn blame" meaningful.


You’ll probably want to wait for some input from the Apple people and the Codeplay people before moving forward with reformatting it. However, if the decision ends up being to move forward with a reformat, then please do it using clang-format. I have already created a clang format configuration file in the lldb repository that is pretty close to what the LLDB standard is, and I would like to see us converge toward that.

Yes, we should use clang-format for this.
Thanks for the .clang-format file!

Apple/Codeplay, any objections from your side?

No objections here; it makes sense everything is kept consistent now given the effort with the main codebase.


Patch was zipped and sent to lldb-commits last night. Changes are purely
cosmetic (no code was changed). Please apply?


I have this patch applied locally and ready to go. Greg, any objections?

If it is only for the lldb-mi stuff, then you are good to go.

Yep, only for lldb-mi. Figured you wouldn’t care, just wanted to be safe. Thanks