lldb-mi support in NetBeans

Hi Guys!

We've implemented partial support for lldb-mi in NetBeans!
Follow the instruction below to make NetBeans work with lldb-mi:

1. build lldb-mi (http://lldb.llvm.org/build.html)
2. build debugserver (Mac users can reuse existing one supplied with XCode)
3. download and install the latest distribution of NetBeans (Oracle Transition) including C/C++ pack
4. before starting NetBeans init the LLDB_DEBUGSERVER_PATH environment variable with a path to debugserver and export it
5. to make NetBeans use the lldb-mi instruction set add the additional -J-Dcnd.debugger.lldb=true parameter into the NetBeans run command
6. after having started NetBeans open Tools->Options->C/C++ (NetBeans->Preferences->C/C++ for Mac users) and specify a path to lldb-mi in a toolchain you're going to use


Hi Nikolay,

This is great! Thanks for letting us know and for the work on this :slight_smile: