I put a summary of April achievements here:


The plan for the next milestone is continuing development of threads in
the NetBSD Process Plugin. I will need to work more on correctness of
ptrace(2) calls as new issues were detected in setups with threads that
resulted in crashes.

There is also ongoing work on a new build node running NetBSD-current
(prerelease of 8) and building LLVM+Clang+LLDB. I'm working on enabling
unit tests to catch functional regressions quickly. The original LLDB
node cluster was privately funded by myself in the last two years and
has been switched to a machine hosted by The NetBSD Foundation.

To keep this machine up and running (8 CPU, 24 GB RAM) community support
through donations is required. This is crucial to actively maintain the
LLVM toolchain (Clang, LLDB and others) on NetBSD.