LLDB/NetBSD - Status June 2018

MKSANITIZER - bug detector software integration with the NetBSD userland

I've finished the integration of sanitizers with the distribution build
framework. A bootable and installable distribution is now available,
verified with Address Sanitizer, with Undefined Behavior Sanitizer, or
with both concurrently. A few dozen bugs were detected and the majority
of them addressed.

Plan for the next milestone

The ptrace(2) tasks have been preempted by the suspended work on
sanitizers, in order to actively collaborate with the Google Summer of
Code students (libFuzzer integration with userland, KUBSan, KASan).

I have planned the following tasks before returning back to the
ptrace(2) fixes:

* upgrade base Clang/LLVM, libcxx, libcxxabi to at least 7svn (HEAD)
(needs cooperation with Joerg Sonnenberger)
* compiler-rt import and integration with base (needs cooperation with
Joerg Sonnenberger)
* merge TSan, MSan and libFuzzer ATF tests
* prepare MKSANITIZER readme
* kernel-asan port
* kernel-ubsan port
* switch syscall(2)/__syscall(2) to libc calls
* upstream local patches, mostly to compiler-rt
* develop fts(3) interceptors (MSan, for ls(1), find(1), mtree(8)
* investigate and address the libcxx failing tests on NetBSD
* no-ASLR boot.cfg option, required for MKSANITIZER

My plan for the next milestone is to reduce the the list and keep
actively collaborating with the summer students.


This work was sponsored by The NetBSD Foundation.