LLDB/NetBSD test suite results as of 8 Dec 2015

I ran the LLDB test suite of the LLDB-current version on NetBSD/amd64
(v. 7.99.21).

The results are as follows:

415 out of 415 test suites processed - TestRecursiveTypes.py

Ran 415 test suites (266 failed) (64.096386%)
Ran 222 test cases (145 failed) (65.315315%)
Failing Tests (266)

The major missing piece is native process tracking support (with the
ptrace(2) interface). Once added, LLDB should start to be usable on
this platform.

Sounds like you’re making some good progress, Kamil!


Great progress, and thanks for the update! Are you planning to base
the NetBSD native support on NativeProcessLinux? I need to migrate the
FreeBSD support to work that way still.

In my initial scratch (before upstreaming of the current NetBSD
support) I cloned the current FreeBSD approach. It was halfbaked,
building and not working.

I will see the NativeProcessLinux way.