lldb not building out of the box in XCode?


I’m running XCode 4.4 on Mac OS X 10.7.4. I imported ‘lldb.xcworkspace’ and tried to build ‘lldb-tool’ scheme but the compiler can’t locate some c++/sdk headers used in lldb sources. Looks like the paths aren’t being passed to the compiler. I attached a log of the first error (there are many) generated and the compiler invocation.

Did I miss a step in setting up the project?

Thanks a lot!


log.rtf (3.9 KB)

Huh, I've never seen this. You shouldn't have to do any more than install Xcode, check out the lldb sources and build the lldb tool target.

The ciso646 file should be in:


is that present on your system?


Hi Jim,

Thanks for responding.

Yes, the file is in the location you say. I'm assuming XCode should know about this path by default (without a project explicitly providing this directory)?


I've resolved the issue. I needed to install the 'Command Line Tools' component of XCode. It looks like this component is optional starting with XCode 4.3.

Additionally, I was missing SWIG and PCRE which I compiled and installed without issue.

I'll update the build instructions.