LLDB not loading any debug information on windows


I wrote a simple hello-world program to test lldb on windows:

#include <stdio.h>

int main(int argc, char* argv[]){

printf(„hello world“);



Im compiling with ‚clang -g main.c -o main.exe‘, which produces the outputfiles ‚main.exe‘, ‚main.pdb‘ and ‚main.lnk‘.

When i’m now firing up lldb and create new target with ‚target create main.exe‘, lldb does not appear to load any debug information and source level debugging is not available. Trying to load debug symbols with ‚target symbols add main.pdb‘ results in ‚…does not match any existing module‘.

Im using Windows 10 pro and llvm tools built from latest source.

I wonder if i miss something or if its just lldb not working properly on windows yet.

Can you try clang-cl.exe /Z7 main.cpp instead of a clang.exe command line?