lldb on FreeBSD


I have built lldb using llvm-3.7 on FreeBSD10 (amd64) and I see this error.


: CommandLine Error: Option ‘aarch64-reserve-x18’ registered more than once!

Abort trap

I did debug a little bit & found that

The global instance “ReserveX18” @ llvm/lib/Target/AArch64/AArch64RegisterInfo.cpp:38

getting initialized twice. Backtrace is attached in a txt file.

The below commit (which is not in llvm-3.7 release) removes this global variable which solves the error.


Is there any other way to resolve this error? or we need to back port the above llvm commit to llvm 3.7 release?



ReserveX18_backtrace.txt (7.54 KB)