LLDB Phabricator project and review group

Hi all,

we now have a LLDB project on Phabricator[1][2].

You can tag your patches now as belonging to the LLDB project. This
will automatically add the respective commit mailing list (thanks
Ben!), so the number of steps for creating a LLDB review stay the
same. It will also automatically put your review in the news feed of
the project.

You can also add the project as a reviewer if you don't know what
specific person could review your patch (e.g. because it's changing
unmaintained code or the change is very general). Everyone in the LLDB
group will then get this review added to his/her review queue.

And finally, feel free to join this project on Phabricator if you want
to get these patches in your review queue.


- Raphael

[1] Login
[2] Technically, we just hijacked the old project, but that doesn't
sound as exciting.