LLDB Port to iOS Platform

I was wondering if LLDB would be ported to the iOS platform, much like how gdb was ported back in the day. The reason for this being that it is quite tedious to set up a remote server and use it to connect to the device in order to debug with LLDB. The issue has been addressed here by popular iOS Developer saurik…


I would like to know if a port of lldb to support the iOS platform is in the near future and also how one would go about porting this over to the iOS Platform (as I am very keen on learning the method on porting things over to iOS).

Thank you for taking your time to read this message and I look forward to a response.


LLDB already supports debugging iOS apps on devices. It’s a bit more complex than only using a remote server and finding the correct information to do it properly was not easy. But I have done it and you can find the code (C++) here: https://github.com/meeloo/xspray/blob/master/src/Xspray/iOSRemoteDebug.cpp