LLDB test suite is failing on Linux x86_64


Recently, after rebasing with the latest changes, my LLDB test suite started to failing on more tests.

My test suite always failed on:

  • lldb-api :: lang/c/calling-conventions/TestCCallingConventions.py
  • lldb-shell :: Register/x86-64-write.test
  • lldb-shell :: Register/x86-mm-xmm-write.test

Although it is now failing also on:

  • lldb-api :: commands/target/basic/TestTargetCommand.py
  • lldb-api :: lang/c/global_variables/TestGlobalVariables.py
  • lldb-api :: lang/cpp/char8_t/TestCxxChar8_t.py
  • lldb-shell :: Breakpoint/jit-loader_jitlink_elf.test
  • lldb-shell :: Breakpoint/jit-loader_rtdyld_elf.test

I can confirm that the test suite succeeded with a stable clang and lli version, so the problem is probably from a nightly clang. The build bots are not catching this presumably because they are using an older clang due to incremental builds? Can anyone reproduce this on an x86_64 linux machine?

In running this on a local containerized up-to-date Arch Linux chroot with clang+llvm 13.0.0 and CAP_SYS_PTRACE capability without kernel.yama.ptrace_scope hardening.

Host CPU: https://termbin.com/c2pt
Full clean build log: https://ipfs.io/ipfs/bafybeidsf745d4qxrzhbbir4h23ov4rppvo2uke7qh75oj6lfoi6zkcyre/